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barrett beck

Barrett Beck

I grew up in a rural community in New Hampshire. Even though I wasn’t out at my high school, I was the target of bullying for being a lesbian. The stress of coming out to my family and friends led me to drop out of school in my junior year, though I returned as a senior. It took me a long time to be comfortable with who I am, but I’m now happily out and have been married since Oct 2014.

Robyn Boudreau

I am transgender, and I led a closeted, unhappy life until a few years ago. My coming out was quite public, so I understand how scary the world appears to be for those who are coming out, or contemplating it. My advice for you is to be yourself. I was never happy until I let myself be the real me. If you are struggling with gender identity issues, or any aspect of coming out, I am here to help.


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